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We want to ensure that the phrase “If only I’d have known that….” is only heard seldom within the Rhenish mining area in future. This is what our network team is there for. It helps to link the numerous hydrogen activities within the region.

“Many people, enterprises, and research institutions are working to transform our mining area into a demonstration region for innovative and environmentally friendly energy technologies. We are helping to ensure that the various players get to know each other, combine their efforts, and ultimately achieve more by working together,” says Fabian Patzak, head of the HC-H2 Hydrogen Network NRW. Crucially, membership of the HC-H2 network is free of charge for all stakeholders.

The HC-H2 Hydrogen Network NRW team: (from left to right) Fabian Patzak (head) and Vanessa Düster and Severin Foit (spokespersons) Photo: Forschungszentrum Jülich/Limbach

Working together to achieve more – This is the aim of our Helmholtz hydrogen cluster, which is currently the largest project dedicated to structural change in the Rhenish mining area. The HC-H2 network team works to promote the cluster’s projects and explain the opportunities of working with us.

Team leader Fabian Patzak and spokespersons Vanessa Düster und Severin Foit are the contact persons for HC-H2. The network team acts as a service provider, giving companies, local authorities, and qualified personnel the opportunity to enter their expertise in its database. The network thus supports its members in finding potential collaboration partners and facilitates the implementation of projects.

To contact the team directly, please use the email address

What is the HC-H2 network? What do we do and how can you work with us? We answer these and other questions in this HC-H2 pitch.

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