Precursor for the Future Hydrogen Economy

Our hydrogen Lego model is a precursor of the hydrogen centre of excellence that the district of Düren is opening this year.
Photo: Forschungszentrum Jülich/Jansen

The Helmholtz hydrogen cluster (HC-H2) can currently also be found in Düren, specifically in the new “Seen und Entdecken” (lakes and discovery) forum of the district administration at Moltkestraße 39. At the forum, our cluster is currently exhibiting its Lego model over the next few weeks. The Lego model allows us to showcase current and future projects that we are aiming to implement in the Rhenish mining area as demonstrators of a sustainable hydrogen economy of the future.

Our model is not in Düren by chance; it is as a kind of precursor of the hydrogen centre of excellence that is due to open later this year in the “Seen und Entdecken” (lakes and discovery) forum. “Here we explain why hydrogen is a smart solution for the future,” said district administrator Wolfgang Spelthahn at a small, premature opening ceremony.

In addition to the Lego model, interested visitors will also find information on Europaschule Langerwehe’s school project focused on young people shaping structural change as well as initial details on the district of Düren’s hydrogen projects. “The aim is to inform people in the district and to allay any fears they may have about hydrogen,” explained Spelthahn.

Ambitious goals

The district of Düren has set itself the ambitious goal of becoming a hydrogen region. Over the next few years, the district’s bus (Rurtalbus) and train (Rurtalbahn) fleets are to be converted to hydrogen. A large PV field is currently being constructed at Brainergy Park in Jülich within sight of our cluster. As of next year, the district of Düren aims to use the energy to produce its own green hydrogen in Jülich.