Great Interest Shown

Konrad Adenauer Foundation scholarship holders came to visit us and had a lot of questions about the hydrogen economy of the future.
Photo: Forschungszentrum Jülich/Jansen

Visit from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Many bright and curious minds came to visit our institute and cluster. Twenty-five Konrad Adenauer Foundation scholarship holders spoke to us about the energy transition and the hydrogen economy of the future. There was a great deal of interest in our presentation and a large number of interesting questions were asked.

We talked a lot about our LOHC technology and the first project “Multi-SOFC” at Erkelenz hospital. One of the conclusions drawn from our fascinating discussion: the issues of climate change and the energy transition cannot be tackled and resolved at a regional level. They are a task for the whole of humanity. It is therefore important that we think in an infrastructure-compatible way. This refers to the continued use of a lot existing infrastructures, such as pipelines or fuel storage facilities, but using them with environmentally friendly energy carriers. There is simply no time to equip entire countries with new infrastructures. The important thing is that we take measures as quickly as possible to slow down the emission of greenhouse gases and, in turn, global warming.